The Galaxy Note 9 could be ready as early as July

Technology: The production of Note 9 Samsung is ahead of schedule, which could mean a marketing of the phablet in July or early August. Such a calendar would not fail to recall the Galaxy Note 7, an industrial fiasco.

The wait for the Galaxy Note 9 could be a little shorter than expected. According to Korea's The Investor, production of the next Samsung Note would be ahead of schedule, indicating that the Galaxy Note 9 could be marketed in July or early August.

The launch would thus be advanced compared to the release of Galaxy Note 8, announced by Samsung on August 23 and put on sale in mid-September.

Beat the speed of the iPhone 11?
The Galaxy Note is the range of high-end smartphones from Samsung with a digital pen. It also usually embeds new hardware and software features that the latest Galaxy S is not equipped, making it a more innovative terminal.

The Investor is basing its prediction on reports that Samsung Display will begin manufacturing the Galaxy Note 9 OLED screens in April. Screen production would usually start in June. The site therefore deducted a two-month advance on the calendar for the Galaxy Note 9.

Asked by about a possible change in the launch date of August Galaxy Note, Samsung declined to comment.

But a launch of the Galaxy Note 9 earlier could be an advantage: beat the next Apple iPhone. According to early rumors, Apple plans to release three new models in September, each with a different size and price.

Memories of the disaster Note 7
Such a strategy could further accentuate the competitive pressure on Samsung. Note 9 could therefore benefit from early commercialization. Last year, iPhone X went on sale only in November, which may or may not have contributed to Note 8 sales.

An early exit from Note 9 also offsets, in theory, the decline in sales of Galaxy S9, "less than spectacular," according to the Korean daily.

The last time Samsung launched a Galaxy Note at the beginning of August, the manufacturer was forced to recall all its smartphones and stop production because of the serious risks of overheating the battery. Since then, the company has put in place more rigorous test protocols for all of its new terminals.

The Investor also suggests that the Note 9 fingerprint sensor will not be integrated into the phone screen. A week earlier, Samsung was still undecided on whether to include such technology. Two other manufacturers, Vivo and Huawei, have already jumped.

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