The climate in international relations

With its multiple geopolitical stakes, the climate is today an integral part of the strategic thinking of many actors. UN negotiations, security and defense, migration ... What do climate negotiations reveal about the balance of power between countries? The withdrawal of the United States what impact? What do we know about the role that China would like to play in this area? How to explain the European apathy on the climate?


- Pascal Canfin, director general of the French section of the world's leading NGO on the environment, WWF. Former Minister Delegate for Development.

- François Gemenne, co-director of the "Climate and Defense" Observatory of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and director of the Hugo Observatory of the University of Liège in Belgium.

- Bastien Alex, researcher at Iris. Director of the Energy and Security Program. Co-director of "Acting for the climate. Arena, stakes, powers ", International and Strategic Review Spring 2018.

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