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Technology: If you have no chatbot, have you missed your life? Perhaps not yet, although these well-used tools have many benefits for businesses. But no chatbot at all will always be better than a badly used chatbot or for unsuitable uses. Testimonials.

More and more companies are adopting chatbots among their customer relationship tools. But besides a chatbot is not the universal solution to all problems nor the guarantee of success with users, it can even sometimes be discouraged.

"If you do not have a chatbot, you've missed your life" professionals were questioning last November at a conference organized in partnership by the EBG and Kynapse (Open group). The testimonials of chatbots users are also an opportunity to realize that such a tool can be the safest way to miss it, his life.

Do not "touch critical points"
Luggage is a sensitive area for passengers and therefore for an airline like Air France. When a trip has the unpleasant surprise of discovering that one of his bags has been lost, he hopes to get his return in the best conditions. And in the meantime, to be informed as best as possible.

Entrusting this mission to a robot can therefore present risks. ChloƩ Marchand, Head of Online Marketing for Air France, recognizes this. "We honestly took a risk, and that created a little fear for me," but she adds, "minor compared to the urge to go."

Nevertheless, she recommends companies ready to take the chatbot train "not to touch the critical points type cancellation of flight", even more "hot". Eddie Abecassis, director of marketing and digital transformation at Swiss Life France, also points out the need to be attentive to the uses.

"Is a customer always ready to talk to a chatbot rather than pick up their phone or send an email?" if he asks. To determine this, the insurer leads a PoC with users to manage access to the service.

To identify whether this usage is mature or simply accepted, Swiss Life will examine the replacement rate of questions asked over the telephone.

"If the bot has 90% replacement rate and customers are ready to use it to get an answer, then it will be encouraging for its development, but if customers continue to ask questions that have nothing to do with the bot and they continue to call to get their password, so it will question. "

Technologies "not quite stabilized"
Eddie Abecassis also believes that chatbot technologies are "not quite stabilized today." The adoption of such a tool is part of an innovation approach, with the objective of gaining a competitive advantage.

Chatbots customers can still be considered as "early adopters". Companies that would not be willing to "test and fail at times" would probably have to wait before venturing into it - or failing to start small on areas with low exposure or risk management.

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