France: parades to fight the asylum-immigration law

This Saturday, April 7 in France, parades have gone to Paris and some major French cities at the call of the national coordination of solidarity collectives with migrants. The objective of the demonstration, fight against the asylum-immigration law that has just been voted in the National Assembly. Eugene Sandoz followed the Paris procession.

Mass regularization

The atmosphere is festive at the door of the Chapel. A few hundred people parade to the sound of drums. For them, the situation of migrants must be an emergency; the first solution, the massive regularization of undocumented migrants. This is what Touré Vakaba told us: "All my brothers, outside, homeless. This is serious for a country like France which is a country of human rights. We have a bad heart. The priority is the massive regularization of everyone. "

According to them, the law is xenophobic in nature and fits perfectly with the demands of the extreme right. This is what Laurent Bazin, anthropologist at the CNRS, president of the French Association of Anthropologists (AFA), who joined the protesters at the end of May and who is present in the procession, told us: "Whatever the political color, each government in fact hardens the immigration laws, that is, validates the ideas of the extreme right. These are laws that are simply xenophobic. "

"Free the undocumented"

Even if they are not numerous, they still hope that the government will eventually hear them: "Free the undocumented".

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