Battle of drones for some iPhone over the Chinese border

Technology: Chinese customs officials have arrested a group of smugglers who used drones to pass reconditioned iPhone over the border with Hong Kong. And who was able to swing the smugglers? The drones of the customs officers.

Authorities arrested 26 suspects according to Chinese media. The drones traveled 200 meters between Hong Kong and mainland China to carry refurbished iPhones. The attractiveness of the Chinese for smartphones from the brand to the apple is such that this type of traffic is particularly profitable.

"This is the first case in China of drones used for cross-border smuggling," the Legal Daily reported. Shenzhen is a megalopolis located on the southern border of China (read Shanzhai in Shenzhen: reports in the belly of the Chinese digital).

15,000 phones over the border in one night
Traffickers usually operated after midnight and needed only a few seconds to carry small bags containing more than 10 iPhones using drones. The group could get up to 15,000 phones across the border in one night.

According to the Legal Daily, Shenzhen Customs would use drones to monitor the border.

The regulation of the use of UAVs has become a priority as the world's leading manufacturer of UAVs. China enacted strict rules last year to tackle drones moving in the air corridors. Civilian drone owners now have to register their machines above a certain weight under their real names. Elsewhere in the world, regulation is also growing.

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