Afghanistan: death of the commander of the group EI for the north

A commander of ISIS in Afghanistan was killed in the north of the country on Friday, April 6, during a joint operation by Afghan and US forces. He was an important leader, according to the Afghan authorities, who are increasing the number of operations against the terrorist group in the East, where it was established in 2015 and in the North, where Qari Hikmat was at the origin of the implantation. local terrorist organization.

Responsible for many killings and beheadings, involved in numerous terrorist attacks, in charge of recruitment, Qari Hikmat was a key figure in the Islamic State organization in Afghanistan, according to the country's authorities. The man known for his cruelty and brutality is at the origin of the installation of the terrorist group in Darzab district in the province of Jowzjan in northern Afghanistan in the summer of 2017, new stronghold of IS in Afghanistan after the terrorist group established in the eastern part of the country in 2015 in Nangahar province.

Qari Hikmat was killed with another fighter in a US air raid. While some Afghan police officials say this is a blow for the group, a successor has already been designated. It is in this border province of Uzbekistan that a young French woman was arrested at the end of March in the ranks of the terrorist organization, according to the intelligence services and the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan. Information not confirmed by the Quai d'Orsay in France. The presence of foreign fighters including a handful of French had already been reported in northern Afghanistan last fall.

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